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As I write these words I have Betcoin Poker fired up and I’m playing in the 12:30pm ET (9:30 am for me) 10 btc freeroll which they host daily at this time. Although there are 3 legal online sites I could be playing on (, Ultimate Poker, and RealGaming), I prefer to play on Betcoin because it’s easy to start building a bankroll from nothing which I’ve always had the weakness to want to do. I do have a small bankroll already on and Ultimate Poker, but neither of those sites allow a HUD (Heads Up Display) which allows me to track my opponents’ tendencies, and since I’m always busy doing one or two other things at the same time I’m playing online, I have to have a HUD (in my case PokerTracker 3) so I can make better decisions.

I haven’t gotten out much to play live poker lately but when I do, I’ll probably play at Wynn Resort on a Mon-Thur because for $140 the 30 minute levels, the excellent payback percentage, combined with the smaller player field (compared with say the Venetian), makes that noon tournament perfect for me because I’m comfortable with that buy-in level and because I know the tournament will be over with at an hour that makes it so I can still get home while it’s not too late at night for me.

All in all, I’ve been playing about 10 years, since ’04, where I started out playing $2-$4 limit holdem cash games at places like the Palms, Imperial Palace (now called Quad Resort), and Excalibur which had $1-3 spread-limit holdem in those days. I began keeping track of my progress since about ’05 at which time I gradually got away from cash games and got more into no-limit holdem tourneys. The highlight of my live-game poker career was at Caesars Palace where I got first prize out of 248 players or so at a $235 buy-in for a cash of about $9,500. At the final table everyone got mad at me because I was very aggressive because I happened to be catching good cards, so I raised preflop with them and my frustrated opponents kept folding.

The highlight of my online career was when I satellited my way from my last $0.36 on a site called Pokerari, all the way to the Step 6 finals in which I took 2nd place for $3900. 1st place was a trip to Vegas and was worth $4500, so my 2nd place finish was almost as good as finishing 1st. To follow the spirit of what I would have won had I gotten 1st place, I went ahead and used $1,000 of my winnings and entered a World Series of Poker single table satellite to try and win my seat into the main event of that series. What ended up happening in that stt was that when we got down to 3 players, someone mentioned a 3-way chop of $3300 or so each. I agreed to it, so I got 3 lammers worth $1K each and the rest in cash. I sold the lammers for nearly full value at the registration line where players were lined up and ready to play in one of the WSOP bracelet events. So in other words, I took my last 36 cents I had left on a small online site and turned it into about $6,300.

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