Who knew two points in a football game could cause millions of dollars to change hands in one night?

Isn’t it funny how the smallest things can make a huge difference in sports betting? One example of this was Monday Night’s game between the Baltimore Ravens versus the Cleveland Browns, which ended with a pitiful attempt of putting points on the board. The play featured several laterals to try to keep the play alive and a costly safety to end the game. 

Of course, it wasn’t costly for the Browns, who hung on to defeat the Baltimore Ravens 47-24, but also for those who bet against the spread during the game. A game-ending safety ended up covering the spread, and shifted millions of dollars in wagers on the game. 

Bookmaker William Hill put 126,000 dollars on the Ravens to win by three and went from a push to getting a six-figure return on his initial investment. Sports betting site, Fanduel, on the other hand, claims they lost a fortune.

Then there was Pointsbet, who came away looking like bandits after lopsided betting on the Browns gave the sports betting site one of the biggest swings of the season! Basically, Monday was a good day to be Pointsbet and a sad day to be anyone betting on the Ravens to defeat the Browns. That last safety was just icing on the cake. 

It's funny how an accident that resulted in two points to the team that was already leading could make so much money change hands.

"One of my colleagues who was trading [the live odds] said he felt like he was playing in the game rather than trading it. It was pretty exhausting," one Fanduel reprehensive said of a friends experience during the Ravens game against the Browns. "It was a very popular game overall, and the in-play boosted up the total handle. It was definitely our highest-bet game of the weekend by quite some way."