Through the years, Craps has evolved and gained popularity in different parts of the world

Craps is a game that traces way back to ancient Rome, where the concept of dice was born. The first time players used something similar to dice is when Roman soldiers used a shaven knuckle from pigs for this purpose.

Another comparison is with the game called Hazard, which originated in England. It was more similar to modern-day craps as the players took turns to roll two dice and set a bet predicting whether they would win or not in every round. It also required that the caster of the dice rolled specific numbers and kept off others which affected their outcome.

Eventually, the game found its way to France, where it was referred to as crabs. It spread over time and reached Arcadia, which is now Nova Scotia. Many people were displaced from the area when Englishmen acquired Nova Scotia, and they took the game with them to modern-day Louisiana and surrounding areas with the game going by the name Creps.

In the States, a known gambler named Bernard tried to simplify the game with the requirement that players should roll a seven. The game did not do well, particularly among the well-to-do individuals, and he turned to poor people who embraced the game, playing it in their free time. This move saw the game gaining appreciation among more impoverished people in the streets and the wealthier social class in casinos. By this time, the name Craps stuck and became the official reference term of the game.

Contemporary Craps

Modern Craps are a result of the works of John Winn. He was a well-known person who specialized in making dice. He came up with guidelines for the game which apply to date, including the layout of the craps table. He also introduced what is referred to as the Don't Pass bet for the first time. Slowly, casinos started using these new rules as a standard way to play the game.

Craps gained more popularity after this and was famous among soldiers during the second world war. It was a showstopper in Las Vegas by the sixties. Currently, it is a significant casino game played worldwide.

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